App development for iOS

To be honest: my skills in developing iOS apps are pretty simple - to less time to dive deep into this for me new topic...
But I really love it and that's why I managed to realize some of my app ideas - but look for yourself:


Quiet is the perfect app to support your daily meditation!

20 wonderful and high qalit sounds will set the mood for your meditation.
If you would like to choose guided meditations or nature sounds from your own iTunes library, fell free to have them running in the background.
Optionally, Health App integration will save your meditation as awareness minutes.

Go the the website of Quiet

Meds Reminder

Meds Reminder is probably the most easy to use and uncomplicated App to remind you for the intake of your meds.
No matter if you have to take homeopathics, vitamins, tissue salts, antibiotics or pain reliever: Meds Reminder reminds you reliably.

To the webiste of Meds Reminder

Griabig - bavarian stamps

I created "Griabig" with a winking eye..
Because the bavarian dialect is the only one which can transport so many emotions with so few words...

To the website of Griabig

Screenshot von einem Chat mit der Sticker-App 'griabig'
Your app?

Maybe you already have an idea for an app or even concrete concept?
Let's have a talk - maybe that would be something for me...

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