Websites with TYPO3 CMS

Full flexibility and performance

TYPO3 CMS is without doubt one of the most popular Content-Managment-Systems available. Firstly because it doesn't require any licence fees - since it's Open Source - secondly because there a literally no limits to create flexible, feature rich and professional, modern websites.

Extension development

If all the existing functionalities of TYPO3 CMS shouldn't be enough for your needs, we easily can access a huge fundus of already developed extensions. No matter if it's a news module, an image gallery, or ...
That's just one of the strengths of TYPO3: the tremendous amount of existing extensions ready to enhance your website.

But even if there isn't a ready made solution: I can develop you a suitable extension which perfectly fits into your project and which integrates seamlessly into the workflow of TYPO3 and creates additional value for your website visitors.

No matter if it should be a huge community including an administration tool for your organization, or just a simple, dynamic media library - everything is possible!

Latest works
Munich Philharmonics

Website in two languages, administration of all concerts, works, musicians and composers. Realisation of a ticket market place and order forms for subscription packages.

Open website
Münchner Stadtbibliotheken

Der Relaunch für die Münchner Stadtbilbliotheken in 2019 enthält umfangreiche Eigenentwicklungen der Themen Veranstaltungen, sowie Suche.
In dem über etliche Sprints dauernden Projektverlauf wurden gemeinsam mit dem Kunden die Bedürfnisse und Wünsche eruiert und zielgruppengerecht umgesetzt.

Open website

Beim Relaunch für das Lenbachhaus wurde die bestehende Sammlung Online mit der Hauptwebsite verschmolzen.
Entstanden ist somit eine tiefe Integration der Online verfügbaren Werke und den Angeboten des Lenbachhauses.

Eine eigens entwickelte Veranstaltungserweiterung erlaubt das Anlegen von wiederkehrenden Terminen, die abhängig von Kalenderwochen, Wochentagen und verschiedenen Turni berechnet werden können.

Open website
Jewish Museum Munich

For this relaunch I developed several individual TYPO3 extensions for the administration and presentation of events and offers.
The responsive design was made by the agency KMS.

Open website
Online Collection - Lenbachhaus

For the showcase project of the Munich Lenbachhaus we created a  new TYPO3 website.
A nightly import updates the available art-works and artist and an individual programmed search offers the website visitors this catalog.

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3 Website -Museen in Bayern-
Museen in Bayern

TYPO3 upgrade of the extensive website of the Landesstelle for non-national museums of Bavaria.
Modernised database and contents.

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3-Website des Faust Festivals
Faust Festival Munich

TYPO3 integration and development for the oficial website of the Faust Festival 2018 in Munich.
Development of an extensive importer to import over 3000 events of several hundred parterns into the website.

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3-Website der Naturgartenplanerin Ingrid Völker

Layout and integration of a responsivie TYPO3-Website. Development of a show case module.

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3-Website des Münchner Stadtmuseums
Münchner Stadtmuseum

Realisation of a TYPO3 website for the oficial Museum of Munich in 2012. Development of individual extensions to extend the websites functionality. Admin workshops and second level support.

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3-Website des OPAL Palliativ Teams
OPAL Palliative Team

TYPO3-Website integration, responsive Layout.

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3-Website des Bergführers Dirk Groege
Mountain Spirit

Relaunch of an existing TYPO3 website for a successful mountain school. Deveopment of a simple booking extension, on site optimization in collaboration with the client for better search engine results.

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3-Website der Website -Spielfeld Klassik-
Spielfeld Klassik

Realisation of the website for the youth program of the Munich Philharmonics. Seamless integration with the existing database of

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3-Website der Zahnarztpraxis Akpan
Dentist Akpan

Realisation of a responsive TYPO3 website, one pager layout.

Open website
Screenshot der TYPO3-Website der Radlhauptstadt München
Radlhauptstadt München

TYPO3 integration for a bicycle campaign in Munich. Admin workshops and second level support.

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